WordPress Website Tutorial – How To Use WordPress Tutorial For Beginners


Learning How To Use WordPress doesn’t have to be a difficult task. This video will give you the Grand Tour of the WordPress Dashboard which is the main place to focus on when managing your WordPress Website.

The WordPress admin dashboard is where you control the vast majority of your website.
From the WordPress dashboard you can install themes, install plugins, and configure your website to suit your needs.

If it’s your first time working with WordPress, this tour of the WordPress admin dashboard will walk you through the various features a typical website powered by WordPress would have.

In this episode I will demonstrate how to log into your dashboard, how to find where you can create a WordPress post, a WordPress page, and the settings you will need to make sure your website is set up the way it needs to be.

This is a very thorough video demonstrating some of the features that you will find inside of the dashboard.

Some plug-ins and themes can also add additional features to your dashboard which will provide more functionality and ways for you to further the features of your site.

This episode is part of a series of episodes that focus on providing WordPress tutorials for beginners. Some of the information in this video might be helpful to those who have already been working with WordPress for some time but may have missed some of the ways to properly set up and configure the site from the backend.

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