Using the Twenty Seventeen WordPress topic


Find out how to use the Twenty Seventeen WordPress topic. Use the skip in advance links down below.

Get Twenty Seventeen

WordPress was lately unveiled, and it ships with the all new Twenty Seventeen topic. In this video, I’ll exhibit you how to setup the homepage and chat about it can be lots of attributes.

Skip in advance:

00:15 Ideas on Twenty Seventeen topic
00:50 Using the topic overview
01:38 How the property page is structured
02:forty eight How a page/content material portion is designed
03:40 Insert a browse far more website link in the property page content material sections
04:40 Using the topic customizer
05:38 Edit the major graphic/video of the topic
07:00 Customizing the topic shades
08:44 Customizing the property page content material sections
ten:05 Customizing CSS
ten:fifty six Recap and last thoughts

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