Using the SketchUp Rendering Plugin

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The SketchUp rendering plugin is able to combine a very unique rendering technology which is totally noiseless. It is totally easy to learn and you can access an interface that is great for both the beginner and the advanced users.

There are various service providers that deal with this kind of rendering. You should choose one that is unbiased and able to give that perfect image in a matter of minutes. Lighting is also very important. There are providers that make it possible to access artificial lighting, HDRI and daylight lighting. These are some of the things that shape you to choose wisely.

Regular mode

Most service providers are able to offer a regular mode. Usually, the image is computed step by step. Doing this actually offers a true solution and the contrast metrics aren’t that far apart. Any errors cannot be detected by the naked eye showing just how perfect it can be.


When you chose a technology that is unique, you will be able to get an image which is totally free from the very start.


When you are choosing a provider, make sure that they have a wide range of materials that can be used. Such providers may allow you to make your own materials too.


This is one of the traits of a good SketchUp rendering plugin. You should be able to utilize the CPU power to the fullest. You need to be able to multi task. You should be able to do a lot and create your own images from 3D models. In this way, you are able to market products, enhance the services and ultimately improve the business. A good plugin should have the ability to add backgrounds, reflections and lights and so on. Being able to render some photo-realistic images for the different model takes the best rendering plugin. You should take your time when choosing a plugging. Take time to go through the smallest.

GPU rendering

Most of the people using GPU do so, so as to speed up rendering.

IES lighting patterns

Most of the lighting manufacturers do provide some auxiliary files for light and this represent the actual light from light fixtures and lights.

There are some SketchUp rendering that allows you to use files so as to come up with lighting in the renderings that you have. Most of the packages will offer you a number of IES patterns that can be selected and then used. Using different patterns can actually improve the rendering.

Rendering extensions

When you use renderings that are photorealistic, then you end up with SketchUp models that are really outstanding. You can make a big impact once you are able to bring all the designs out during presentations. There is the ability to create presentations that are very effective when you use the renderings that are photorealistic. You can apply this in product and marketing images, client presentations, product development, architecture and also landscape design. Choosing the right provider is the only way to great success in the future.

By Shalini Madhav