Online Jobs That Teenagers Can Do

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We have all seen the ads across the internet for online jobs. Some say you can make money by taking surveys, and others say you can earn money with data entry jobs. However, which of these jobs are actually legitimate, and which ones will work for teenagers? I can not cover every one of the employment opportunities available online, but I will tell you about the three greatest online jobs for teens that I have found.

Blogging: Many teens have blogs. I would not be surprised to learn you have one right now. However, many bloggers do not take full advantage of the money potential of their writing. This is simply because of a lack of knowledge, not at all because it is hard to do.

There are two main methods for monetizing your blog. One is putting up ads, and the other is putting affiliate links into some of your blog posts. Google AdSense is great, free, advertising company that you can join (you may need your parents help to sign up for AdSense if you are not yet 18). AdSense will give you some HTML code, and all you will have to do is copy and pate that code onto your blog. Then ads will start appearing, and you will be paid each time a visitor clicks on an ad. At the time I am writing this, WordPress does not allow ads, but Blogger does.

Affiliate links are also not at all hard to use. Sign up for a ClickBank account, find some products that you like, and start promoting those products on a couple of your blog posts. You will be paid a percentage of each sale that you bring in, so be convincing with your promotion of the products you chose!

With a little bit of work, blogging can become a world class online job.

Paid Surveys: Getting paid for taking surveys? Yes, believe it or not, you can actually earn money online by giving your opinion to survey companies. The reason that this job works is that big companies (Walmart, McDonald's, etc.) need to figure out what the people who are buying their products are interested in. If they spend $ 2000 on doing consumer research with surveys, they would save much more money than if they launched a new product for $ 50,000 that no one even wanted to buy.

The best way to begin your job as a survey taker is to research legitimate survey companies. I simple Google search will help you find a bundle of great websites to sing up with. Be warned though, many survey sites want you to be 18 or older, so being a teenager does make it more difficult to find companies that will accept you. However, it is possible, and taking surveys can be a great way to make money online.

There you have it! The two best online jobs that teenagers can do. Both of the methods that are described above are free, pay well, and can be quite a bit of fun.

By Ezra Anderson