Make a free Website in less than 30 minutes – BEGINNER TUTORIAL – 2017

#wordpress #blogs

This video shows all the steps to make a FREE WordPress website or Blog from start to finish. No WordPress experience necessary.

00:28 – Create your WordPress account
01:58 – Learn the Admin area, toggle between 2 browser windows
03:30 – Delete the sample pages from WordPress
04:20 – Create the new pages for your website
05:15 – Change your theme
06:18 – Create your menu
08:27 – Remove comments, set site title and tag line
10:30 – Edit sharing and like buttons
12:05 – Add content to your pages
12:50 – Add a contact form
13:30 – Add an email link
14:15 – Add content to your home page and a circle gallery
15:00 – Add images to your media library
16:00 – Format text in the text editor, H1 and H3
20:00 – Create your first blog post with a video embed
23:25 – Create a blog post with a tiled mosaic gallery

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Your Website or Blog can be an important part of your Author Platform.


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