Increase Your Blog Traffic With RSS and Social Bookmarks

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RSS is an extremely powerful and easy tool that can get you repeat exposure to readers that you otherwise may not reach a second time. If you’re just starting out, you may not be aware of what RSS is or how it works, so let’s go over an explanation and how to implement it.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is the easiest way to get content syndicated on the internet. When a user subscribes to your RSS feed, they will receive the content of your post every time you create a new post. They can then read it on any number of RSS readers.

The internet is full of information, and full of distractions. People on the internet will often run across sites with content that interests them, but will either forget to bookmark it, or simply put it on the back-burner, not bothering to come back your blog. By adding an RSS feed to your blog, you can reach those readers who wouldn’t otherwise bother to visit your site to view your new content. If your new post manages to engage them, they may feel to urge to come to your blog site and comment.

An even more powerful feature of RSS, is that it allows your content to be published to multiple RSS sites. Publishing your posts to various sites can literally be as easy as the click of a button. As an SEO strategy, this can give you a real boost, as you can get backlinks automatically, as well as extra exposure to readers.

To implement this, you’ll want to create an RSS feed for your site and submit it to various RSS sites.

Almost all WordPress themes come automatically equipped with an RSS button, and you will see it appear on any WP blog. Other blogs may need a plug-in installed.

Another strategy that will get you exposure and backlinks, is to share your posts on social bookmarking sites, such as Digg and Reddit. These are high authority sites, and the backlinks add value to your site in the eyes of Google.

Take care when doing this however! If you broadcast every single post you make, it will be detected as spam and will be ignored or deleted in the best case. In the worst case, you could get your account banned. Save these RSS broadcasts only for the very best posts you create. That way you keep the quality of information on these sites high.

Think of it like a singing audition: You wouldn’t show up rambling out every song that you know; you would give a shining performance of one or two songs you’ve put a lot of hard work into. Your blog is no different.

Also consider this method, which relates to RSS syndication discussed above: Add social bookmarking buttons to your blog. This allows readers to easily submit your post themselves when they find it worth sharing. In addition to the RSS button, at minimum your blog should be equipped with Facebook and Twitter buttons. Adding the top social bookmarking sites, Digg, Reddit, and Blogger will give your blog even more ‘share power.’

By Sheldon W Gray