How to Choose My Password for My Ebay Login

A good ebay login password is essential since you are going to be using it often. Most people would breeze through the ebay registration process since ebay makes it so easy to register.

However, you may want to give some thought to your ebay username and password before clicking the sign up button.

Choosing a good ebay password

Let’s look at one of the two components of an ebay login process. An ebay password is utmost important as whoever has your password can take full control of your ebay account. They would be able to bid on any auctions, leave feedback and most dangerous of all, access your private data such as your credit card details, address, phone etc.

By observing a few common sense rules, you provide better protection for your ebay password.

· Do not use your particulars as your password such as such name, birthday etc. The basic idea is not to make your ebay password too easy to remember
· It’s a good idea to change your password every couple of months
· To not give your ebay password to anyone including your family members
· Try to use capital letters and numbers in your password. This makes it difficult for people to guess.

Your ebay User ID

Unfortunately, most of the common ebay usernames have already been taken. Most of the time, you will need to append numbers to your preferred user id. For example john79, charlie024 etc.

Instead of choosing user ID such as john79, you should choose an id that tells other ebayers about yourself, especially if you are selling. Say for example, you plan on selling watches on ebay, then it would be best if you can incorporate watch something in your user id.

I have seen some ebay usernames which are website url. For example ****. I am not so sure if ebay allows that but it is definitely a good way to promote your own website

If you need to use two words or more in your username, you can use underscore or a hyphen to join them since ebay does not allow empty spaces in username.

You are allowed to change your ebay username once every thirty days so if you do not like your username, you can change it. However I do not advise against it especially for ebay sellers.

You can click the my ebay link. From the my ebay login page, go and click on the preferences tab and click on change my user id link.

The reason is quite simple. After you have been selling on ebay for a while, your customers would recognize you by your ebay id, if you change it, your customers may not trust you or may not know your ebay id has changed.

So you see, before clicking on the signup button, take a while to consider your ebay login password and ID.

Ricky Lim