How to: Build an AIRBNB for Your Niche on WordPress (MYLISTING Theme)

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Want to build the next AIRBNB for your niche? Want to build a YELP “clone” in your community on WordPress? Want to build an EVENT directory on WordPress? Want to build a marketplace of products and services in your niche, market or industry and want to also build it (surprise!) on WordPress? How about doing all of those things, under ONE amazing umbrella using a simple $39 dollar WP theme? MYLISTING is an amazing, awesome and truly astounding directory theme that will allow you to quickly and easily grow an empire of directory sites (or just one) in whatever niche, market or industry you choose.

(the FULL 7 reasons are below – and you can watch the rest of the videos for free –

1. marketplace (wcvendors- free) integration
3.products per listing
4.landing pages
5.listing types (flexibility)
7. Fast, flexible, scalable + fun to use (say no to the slog)