Evernote Beginner Tutorial – By Me A Beginner Using It

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How to use Evernote to “Remember Everything” an excellent free tool to help you get more organised.

This video is getting a lot of hate. I’ve renamed it.
I’m a beginner at Evernote too. Infact I don’t use it.

I was considering updating this video for 2018 and onwards but as I don’t use Evernote I’ve chosen not too.

Feel free to share links to great Evernote videos in the comments.

This video is getting a lot of hate. I renamed it so it isn’t maybe as confusing that you think you are getting an expert tutorial. Also there is no click bait here as some people suggest. I never ask for your money and there isn’t any links to click…. But thanks for the 45,000 views all the same.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAxBBcyKBAc?rel=0&w=1020&h=600]

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