Delete PC MightyMax From Your PC With This Tutorial – Complete Removal Instructions

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PC MightyMax is a system optimization & error-fixing tool which will download itself from the Internet and install onto your computer; proclaiming to be able to remove errors and make your system run faster. Although this tool mostly does what it promises (which is rare for a virus), it’s actually extremely difficult to get rid of and is continually posting false adverts on your system.

Designed as a registry cleaner & computer optimization program, this tool has been designed by someone who is intent on making money from whoever installs it. Normally, programs like this will scan your PC and legitimately find errors / problems that will be causing problems. They will then ask you to purchase a license to the software to help support further development and continual updates. The problem with PC MightyMax is that although it seems to scan through your PC well, it’s continually posting a huge number of popups and fake adverts in order to try and get you to buy the program. This not only annoys many people, but can cause problems for your computer. 

Known as “malware” (malicious software), this program is not a fully-fledged virus… but more a fake tool that will do all it can to con you out of purchasing the upgrade to the software. What’s more, removing this tool can be nothing short of a nightmare. Unlike legitimate programs, which will install one set of “Program Files” onto your computer, this tool will actually place a series of different files onto your PC, allowing it to come back if it ever gets removed / deleted. Most people who try and get rid of this program only delete the Program Files they know exists, leading the program to just reinstall itself and cause further issues.

To remove PC MightyMax, you need to get rid of all the programs, files & settings it installed onto your PC. This can either by done by performing a “System Restore” (by clicking Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore), or by using a malware removal program to make sure you get rid of all its components from your PC. Malware removal tools are designed to get rid of viruses from your system, but are also great for removing stubborn programs like PCMM. We’ve found that a program called XoftSpy is the most effective at getting this of this infection, as it’s able to get rid of all the different parts of the virus from your PC. You can download XoftSpy from the Internet, install it and then let it remove all the infected parts of your system to get rid of PC MightyMax for good.

By Greg Kahn