Auto Blogging and content rewriting

Do you think article rewriting softwares are good ?

Many of the webmasters are looking for article rewriting softwares on the net. Need is mother of inventions so the search for automated content  lead to development of various softwares which can rewrite articles through various methods some of these methods are like use of synonmous and content mixing,scrapping.

But from where they are taking articles or content

Well these softwares take articles from websites which provide free content, that too royalty free and they steal other websites rss feeds,some people uses email matters which are send by various companies to them as promotional methods.I think some of the people are really making good money with these tools.The other places from where they extract content are yahoo answers,or msn qna or the google answers.I have used almost everyone of them and i am not impressed by even a sinngle one specially fro plugins for wordpress.But there is a thing if you want really to make it happen for your blog then you have to use various other plugins also with it otherwise it is will be a failure.

There are various softwares available in market have a look on them from this post  Article Rewriting softwares

This software is only suitable for the withdrawal of most other objects, you just piece together an article, the second piece of software, I like other content that you wrote was the original article. 

Article spinning software differs from the article rewrite. In short, it spins your article, as often as you like, came up with a new version every time. If you are a little on the dark side is the only solution if you care.